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Is it possible to reduce the ELM local storage?

Jason Roberson


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The layer repository is using XFS for its file system. XFS does not have a tool that will shrink the file system safely and the general suggestion when using XFS is to backup the data, recreate the volume at the size you want, format it, and then copy the data back.


The easy workaround for this is to export all layers you want to keep from your existing ELM to a file share. Then deploy a new ELM and import those layers. Once you have confirmed the new ELM is set up correctly and all layers have been restored, then you can delete the original ELM.


To export your layers, please select the Layers tab and then click on any of the three sub tabs. You will see the Export and Import options on the right side menu. Select Export and you will be prompted to specify which file share to export to (it does not need to be the one used for elastic layers) and then you can select multiple layers to export at once.



Thank you

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