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Slow logoff with Chrome / UPM / 7.1903 / Server2019



Hello guys,


i have add chrome on my citrix servers, but i have a little/big problem with logoff.

mirror mode for AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default


Without chrome (8-10seconds for logoff one session)

With Chrome (2mins30, after 4 days of optimization 55 seconds for logoff)


the size of my chrome directory is less 15mo for 556 files and 247 directories :(


After lot of check, i see the problem is the directory extensions with mirror mode, but i can't delete it ... i use ublock origin


if people have a idea for me


kind regards





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We scrapped UPM, back to using roaming profiles, Windows 2016 VDA and CVAD 1903.  We enabled the Chrome user GPO to save that data (bookmarks/Favorites) into users home drive as well as to only save the cache to the temp user profile that is deleted at logoff.  Everything else is redirected.  No issues.  Logoffs 1-2 secs.  Don't have time to setup UPM exclusions.


5 MB is the size of my roaming profile.


Now with MCSIO working as it should, CVAD is nice and fast.

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We were experiencing the same issue with UPM, with Chrome roaming configured as per Citrix recommendations logoff's were taking around 2 minutes.

By implementing the Google Policy as suggested in this article, we set the Google user data to redirect to the a folder in the users H drive. Logoff now completes in under 15 seconds (that is, Lockfile on UPM share is gone, and profile deleted from Citrix server), which is more then acceptable. 



After setting the policy, I also excluded Appdata\Local\Google from Roaming, in UPM settings. This ensures existing users (not only those with new profiles) get the benefit of fast logoff.


One thing to note, when you set the Google "Set user data directory" policy in your environment your users get a brand new Google profile in their Home drive. Its not smart enough to migrate the existing one, so things like browsing history, saved passwords will be gone. You could script a copy process i suppose, or just notify your users in advance. 



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