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Understanding VD creation, maintaining, dependencies - fast disk cloning etc. - VMs created from a template

Goumltz Reinicke


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All the virtual disk elements are reference counted so even if the template were to be deleted the base disk for the template would not be deleted so long as there were VMs referencing it. The template's disk is read only so it's no more likely to be damaged than any other virtual disk in the system. As for the template itself (which is just a special type of VM) it doesn't play any role in the created VMs after they have been created.

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Thanks Mark,


so if I loose the templates disk e.g. by a hardware crash of the storage system, also any referenced VD will be in danger? 


This might be a big problem if there is just one copy of the "master" template VD....


Is there any sort of "consolidation" tool, so that all VMs can build a "fat" VD to be independende to the templates VD?


Thx. /G

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