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VDA 1906 usb redirection problems

Angelo Hongens




I'm troubleshooting a problem with my Citrix 1906 setup (fresh installed SF's and Delivery controllers, but existing 2012r2 session host master images). Everything works like a charm, except for USB Redirection. Session hosts run VDA 1906.1.0.22052.


I have my thin clients (and workspace clients) configure to do native USB redirection for all devices. When I connect devices, I see them in the device manager and in the 'devices and printers' screen. For example I connected a simple USB stick and a HP external DVD-station. They both show up fine, however, they do NOT show up in the file explorer, so I cannot access any data.


I expect some kind of GPO to prevent access to removable devices, but I cannot find any. A gpresult report shows there's no policy that blocks access..



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Hi Voor Achter,


Client USB Device Redirection policy is "Prohibited" by default. (see attached screenshot)
This means, if you do not configure this policy, the USB drives will not be re-directed.


So please create a new Policy and enable USB re-direction.






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I followed the guides and redirection works, otherwise the devices would not end up connected to the machine. They just would not show up in the explorer. After trying many things (including the 'allow remote access to removable devices' RDP go and rebooting a few times, the devices became visible again consistently.


Thank you all for your input.

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