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How to fix session timeout from External URL

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Take a look at the following Citrix documentation on the subject, and also this blog post, which also discusses setting the timeout in the session profile:








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The timeouts for the web page are configured both in the storefront store properties (noted in Jim's articles above) and in the gateway session policy idle session properties.

If internal and external users go to the same store, storefront has only one set of settings. If you need different timeouts for internal vs external, then you need separate stores and the gateway policy will direct users to the external storefront store instead of the internal one.


The above screenshot looks like the storefront time out.  Ideally, your gateway's idle session timeout and the storefront's idle timeout (until it requires login again) are the same.


If you are referring to the time an ica session (once connected to a vda) lasts, then that timeout is governed by the RDS timeout settings for max session, idle session, and disconnected session (for server VDAs) and citrix vda policies for desktop vdas.


Please feel free to clarify your requirements if you need more information.


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