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Citrix Provisionig on XenServer 7.6, Excessive Retries

Anders Johansson


Hi. We have recently upgraded our Xenservers from 7.0 to 7.6. After this we can see excessive retries on the Provisioning farm. We still have some XenServers left on 7.0 and can se that XenApp servers that are streamed to those old XenServer have 0-5 retries a day and XenApp servers (same image) streamed to new XenServers have around 200-300 retries a day. To investigate this we have now tried the following: 

1: Upgraded PVS Server and Target device with version 1906

2: We have one physical and one virtual PVS stream server, both with high excessive retries. 

3: Tried this as well with no changes: https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX117491 


Windows = Server 2012 on both XenApp servers and PVS servers. 

Anyone have some clue or ideas to investigate this further? 


Best regards

Anders Johansson

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Hi Jim and thanks for the answer. 

Nothing else has been changed. We are using cache to ram with overflow to disk. The storage for the xenservers are only local drives on the XenServers itself. I'm pretty sure that this issue are because off some faults on XenServer 7.6 or NIC drivers for Lenovo that needs to be updated? 



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