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Configure Analytics - ADM

Kiran Malla

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We are trying to configure the analytics for VPX on ADM. We have identified two issues. Could you please help on the same.


1. When enabling app-flow, while selecting transport mode IPFIX the app flow is not enabling still showing DISABLED.

2. When selecting transport mode LogStream the app flow is enabled and the collector is configured on the VPX. But the collector status is showing down and no analytics data is seen on ADM. 


When trying to contact support, they have informed you do not have license so you cant view the data. But in many docs it is mentioned that no license is required for 30 virtual servers. 

Note: We are trying to configure only one content switching virtual server. we do not have 30 virtual servers to configure analytics. Please provide the solution for my task. Let me know if any details required and happy to share.


Thanks in advance for the replies. 

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Could you provide some more details regarding your environment?  What firmware version is running on your ADC and what is your licensing level?  What version of ADM?


The following documentation describes the licensing requirements for monitoring and managing instances/entities, as well as how to allocate licenses to virtual servers:





Citrix Application Delivery Management (ADM) requires a verified Citrix ADC license to manage and monitor the Citrix ADC instances, when the instances are discovered through https protocol.  


You can manage and monitor any number of instances and entities without a license. However, you can only manage 30 discovered applications on the App Dashboard and view analytics data for only 30 virtual servers without applying a license. To manage more than 30 discovered applications or to view analytics for more than 30 virtual servers, you must purchase and apply licenses.





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Unfortunately, I could not able to able to the ADM instance from both the SNIP IPs. I am looking into now. 


Actually the SNIP IP is not required, we have created to make this work to be on same subnet. I will delete one SNIP IP and make sure the SNIP IP sould ping the ADM. 



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