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Storefront SAML/ADFS authentication Error "There was a failure with the mapped account"

Imran Syed1709152750

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The users are experiencing the attached error when connecting to the Storefront Portal...... (Which has been configured with SAML Authentication)


Our setup


Storefront 3.12 with SAML Authentication (Service Provider - SP)

ADFS Server with ADFS Trust setup at a remote company (Identity Provider - IDP)

Shadow AD Setup at our company with identical user accounts as the IDP AD


No errors in the ADFS Server event logs or the Storefront Server event logs..


Any guidance would be highly appreciated...


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Looks like issue is the data that SF receives.
Per my understanding you should confirm the configuration of both ADFS and SF server.
Eventvwr on SF would list the details on why enumeration failed. 
You could also enable debug logging as suggested by Jim.





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