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VDA install fails on Server 2016

Chandresh Shah


Guys ,

I can use some really good help. I am tired tries 5 times but everytime I get blue screen of death

I have brand new Dell Poweredge R730/720 with Windows Ent Server 2016 

I tried installing Delivery controller no issues but every time I click on VDA physical server OS install it installs completes the entire install but then it says it will restart machine and then it never comes back up goes into famous Bluescreen of Death. I end up reinstalling Windows 2016 server OS and then try installing only VDA and does the same server crashes . I am so out of the options and knowledge please help


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Try an install without workspace app.  A few versions ago, I had this same problem.  It took me a while to figure out, but it ended up being the workspace app installation was causing BSOD after the final reboot.  The problems that I had were resolved in a newer release, but you didn't mention which version you're running...

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