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Advide on transitioning the SR from 1G Nics to 10G Nics



Hello, I’m looking for some advice to transition our iSCSI SR from 1G Nics to 10G Nics in our Xen 6.5 pool. I’ve got 3 Dell servers and a FreeNAS iSCSI array all working comfortably at 1G.  We recently received funding (we’re a non-profit) for the 10G NICs and 10G switch.  I have the hardware installed and a second subnet assigned to the 10G interfaces.  From Xen I can ping the FreeNAS on the 10G subnet.


I’m looking for advice to transition the storage from the 1G network to the 10G network.  My thought was to shutdown the VMs, Detach the SR, then reattach the SR using the new 10G subnet. Is it really that simple or is there a better approach or more things I need to look out for?


Thanks for your comments



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You should be able to accomplish this with a detach and re-attach. Note that you'll have to check what the IQN values might change to with new NICs and also that your server will need to recognize connections from any such changes. You'll likely need to also do an iscsiadm discovery process so that all paths are recognized (assuming you're using multipathing).

Make sure also as a precaution that you back up all the VM metadata on to that SR so that all the VM information is up-to-date, just in case. It's a good practice to do on a regular basis, anyway.


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I assume you are using a non-routed (10 or 192.168) network for your iSCSI connections?  Note that iSCSI is really fussy and only dedicated NICs should be used for such connections because of timing issues that can arise if the NIC is shared with other connections (even if a VLAN).



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I don't think the IQN would change, I've never noticed it changing once initially installed.  I'm thinking once your VM's are shut down you

would need to detach your storage, change your nics for your storage traffic interface from the 1G to the 10G,  then reattach your storage.

And of course I'm going to beat you up about still being on a 6.x version.




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