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BrokerAccessPolicy not working correctly with Workspace App in SelfServiceMode but startmenu entries OK

Stefan Wielers

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Hi @all,

following situation:
We have defined BrokerAccessPolicyRules so that published desktops of certain delivery groups are only displayed on defined clients (because of some software licences which are bind to clientnames).

Set with following command:

Set-BrokerAccessPolicyRule -Name group_Testgroup1_Direct -IncludedClientNameFilterEnabled $true -IncludedClientNames testclient1, testclient2


Set-BrokerAccessPolicyRule -Name group_Testgroup2_Direct -ExcludedClientNameFilterEnabled $true -ExcludedClientNames testclient1, testclient2


The start menu entries on the client are displayed correctly, but if you open the SelfServiceMode, the entry is not displayed, but another entry that should not be displayed because we also define for the other delivery group ExcludedClientNames. (User has permissions to both pub. desktops in both delivery groups).
--> Start menu entries are OK, SelfServiceMode not OK, the desktop is not displayed there.

If you don't use "https://...store/discovery" as account in the SelfServiceMode, but the XenApp service URL "https://...store/PNAgent/config.xml" we can subscribe to defined desktop. Thus also correctly.
From my point of view, the discovery method does not work correctly.
We have tested with various Receiver/Workspace versions from V4.2 to 1907, Storefront V1808 to 1906.


Maybe someone can confirm that.


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