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nfactor, mfa and waiting page

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Hi, I hope you guys can help me.


I've deployed an access gateway with nfactor auth, which authenticates against AD with ldap and Azure MFA with radius. This works as expected.


But in terms of user experience, I'm not happy with it. With MFA, a user can choose how the second factor is handled. Ranging from SMS code and app code to app approve. In the later case, the website stays the same (only the mouse is changed into an hourglass). (SMS and app code display a new website, which asks the user to enter the code)


I'd love to display a simple website saying something like "Contacting Microsoft MFA services. Please check your phone now.". This page should lack any user input, it's supposed to be just an information. (Yes, I'm aware, if the user has chosen SMS code, this website will only display for a moment, only to be changed to the please-enter-code site. But that's ok)


Is there a way to achieve this?


I tried a simple xml with just a label and no auth, didn't work. I also tried using a modified OnlyDeviceID.xml, hoping this would display a page and then simply ignoring the ID, but no avail either.





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In your Azure MFA settings, you should be able to deselect all other authentication methods except for the one you want to force the users to use (push notification):






As for the user experience, I wonder if that will change when you eliminate the other options from being available.

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Hm, no, I don't want to restrict the users choice. If app push is what he likes most, i don't want to prevent that.


Julian, thanks for that idea, i'll probably end up doing it like that. It's not my favorite solution, but if there's no way of displaying a page that will automatically call on the next step, then this will be my only choice.


Thanks, everyone

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