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Refresh issue???

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We are migrating from XenApp 6.5 (server 2008 r2) to XenApp 7.15 (server 2016).  The client is a Lenovo PC running Windows 10 with dual monitors - 1 monitor hooked up via DisplayPort and 1 Monitor hooked up via USB-C.  The client is running Receiver 4.9.7.  Im haven't changed anything on the client.  We publish a seamless desktop in both environments.  In the XenApp 6.5 environment the multimonitor setup works fine.  When I login to the new XenApp7.15 environment there is an issue with one of the displays.  One display works fine and I can open windows/apps, see them, interact with them, etc.  On the other display its almost like it is not refreshing.  If I drag a window/app over there I cant see it.  I can interact with the start menu though.  If I click on it I can see the first few pixels of it above the start button but that's it.  However, If I put the receiver in windowed mode everything pops up and I can work across both monitors just fine.


I've tried upgrading/downgrading the graphics driver and receiver and I've tried messing with display scaling.  I'm almost suspecting the USb-C connection/cable but I've swapped the adapters on the monitors and the issue doesn't seem to follow.


Any thoughts???

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