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XenApp/XenDesktop 7.x: VDAs Fail To Register With Delivery Controllers After Scheduled Reboot

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We have about +/- 80 Virtual machines (with VDA on it, 7.8 and later), and recently we are beeing plagued by a very annoying issue. This started happening about 3 weeks ago.

We use the Citrix studio to set scheduled reboots on the delivery groups, all these vm's are rebooting around 04:00Am and 05:00 AM, and they all have the "send a notification 1 minute prior" enabled.

Our monitoring team has to manually enable citrix telemetry service on many of these vm's, after rebooting, or they remain on the status: Unregistrered, in our studio.


We have 2 DDC servers that are active/active, and we notice the following event logs on the machines that don't register, and for who citrix telemtry serivce does not start: 

"The Citrix Broker Service has terminated the processing of the 'GroupReboot' for 'XXXXXX'. The reboot cycle (UID = '1364') ended with the final state 'Abandoned'. Summary: '0' machines successfully rebooted, '0' machines failed to reboot, '1' machines were not processed.


So far we have tried the following: 

- Spreading out the different reboot times for the machines

- Setting Citrix telemetry service to startup: automatic (delayed)

- Updating vda from 7.8 to 7.15


The next reboot of the vm's is scheduled for Monday and that Monday I will be testing the following:

--> I disabled notifications on the reboot schedule for some vm's


Other than this, I also read about increasing the reg key of: DesktopServer\MaxRegistrationDelayMin 

Is this a good solution? Right now it looks like the "Abandoned" event comes 30m after the reboot.


Please advise

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