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is there any changes XenServer API and commands between 7.1 and 7.1 CU2?

JangKyu Jung


i`m using XenServer 7.1 and i`ll upgrade XenServer to 7.1 CU2. so i have a few questions.


1. is there any changes XenServer API between 7.1 and 7.1 CU2?

2.  i`m using below commands at XenServer 7.1 now. is it still valid at XenServer 7.1 CU2?


1 . Get-XenServer:VM -url http://$http 
2 . Get-XenServer:SR -url http://$http 
3 . Invoke-XenServer:VM.Copy -url http://$http -VM $vm.uuid -NewName $VmName -SR $sr.uuid -RunAsync
4 . Set-XenServer:VM.NameDescription -VM $VmName -Description $Description -url http://$http
5 . Get-XenServer:VM.VIFs -url http://$http -VM $VmName
6 . Create-XenServer:vif -url http://$http -vm $VmName -network $NetworkName -device $NetCnt
7 . Set-XenServer:VM.VCPUsMax -url http://$http -Value $CpuEa -self $vm.uuid
8 . Set-XenServer:VM.VCPUsAtStartup -url http://$http -Value $CpuEa -self $vm.uuid
9 . Get-XenServer:VM.Platform -VM $vm.uuid -url http://$http
10. Set-XenServer:VM.Platform -VM $VM.uuid -Platform $platform -url http://$http
11. Set-XenServer:VM.MemoryStaticMax -url http://$http -Value $MemoryMB -self $vm.uuid
12. Set-XenServer:VM.MemoryDynamicMax -url http://$http -value $MemoryMB -self $vm.uuid
13. Set-XenServer:VM.MemoryDynamicMin -url http://$http -value $MemoryMB -self $vm.uuid
14. Set-XenServer:VM.MemoryStaticmin -url http://$http -value $MemoryMB -self $vm.uuid
15. Get-XenServer:VM.VBDs -url http://$http -VM $VmName 
16. Get-XenServer:VBD.VDI -url http://$http -VBD $vbd.uuid
17. Invoke-XenServer:VDI.Resize -url http://$http -vdi $vdi.uuid -size $CapacityKb
18. Set-Xenserver:VDI.namelabel $vdi.uuid -value $VmName -url http://$http
19. Set-XenServer:VM.Affinity -url http://$http -VM $VmName -Affinity $VmHostName
20. Invoke-XenServer:VM.Start -url http://$http -VM $VmName
21. Get-XenServer:VIF.Network -url http://$http -VIF $vif.uuid
22. Get-XenServer:VM.GuestMetrics -url http://$http -VM $VmName
23. Invoke-XenServer:VIF.Unplug -url http://$http -Self $vif.uuid
24. Destroy-XenServer:VIF -url http://$http -VIF $vif.uuid
25. Invoke-Xenserver:VM.CleanReboot -url http://$http -VM $VmName
26. Get-XenServer:VM.VBDs -url http://$http -VM $VmName
27. destroy-xenserver:vdi -VDI $vdi.uuid -url http://$http
28. Destroy-XenServer:VM -url http://$http -vm $VmName 


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