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Citrix hypervisor 8.0 - Not viewing new templates after upgrading from xen 7.0

Felipe Sigueta


hello Friends,

Have Any of you  experienced the following problem and could lend me a hand?


After upgrading our 1 of our Resource Pools running XenServer 7.0 to 8.0, we noticed that when creating new VMs, templates for all  new OS supported are not being shown (as seen in the Image, trying to search newer versions of Debian)




Also Happening to other OS.  


We run 4 Dell Poweredge R820 connected through fibers to 2 storages EMC VNX 5400, both not supported in the official compatibility matrix.


These hardware conflicts could be the reason, Initially whe thought we might be something with a HVM, config problem.   But we did some new installations using this same servers, storages and configuration, just isolated from the Pool, and in this scenario, everything seems to work fine..





  Looks like there's something being kept from the older Pool in this new environment, not being correctly updated, and we add a new server to the Pool, this  data is imported.



What could be the  problem?  Also,  any chance this means this specific Pool is not fully operational and  VMs with these new OS may present some issues? We imported some VMs runnig Debian 9 and they seem to be working ok


Thank you 

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