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Exchange remote Powershell Default directory via Load Balancer

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As the title suggests, I'm having trouble configuring the Load Balancer for Powershell Virtual Directory.

We have a customer who uses Exchange monitoring and control software. This interrogates certain functions by means of powershell.


Since the customer uses a DAG and would also like to depict it highly available, this would rather be achieved via the load balancer. Unfortunately we do not really get on with the configuration here. Internally, the powershell connection via https and negotiate now works without problems. Unfortunately not about the Netscaler. Have the whole set up as the access to OWA, etc., the virtual server is also addressed when loading the page but does not establish the connection.


Healthcheck does not even show an error but a message that the data can not be verified.

Does anyone have an idea or example how to do that the most?


Would be glad about any help.


Thank you in advance

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which Exchange Version and CU you are using? I never published the PS from Exchange, since Exchange 2016 brings a virtual directory for API-Calls, all other third party software should connect via the HTTPS-API.


Example for the Monitor Healthcheck (you can check that healthcheck directory at your exchange)


add lb mon LB_Monitor-Exchange-API HTTP-ECV -interval 30 -secure YES -send "GET /api/healthcheck.htm" -recv "200 OK"





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Old post but maybe this will help someone else. We had a similar problem...powershell virtual directory was failing ECV health check (GET /powershell/healthcheck.htm) but all the other virtual directories worked. The solution for our case was changing Deny SSL Renegotiation from All to NonSecure under the Advanced SSL settings. 

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