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PVS targets boot looping after VM tools upgrade


XD 7.15.300

PVS 7.15.9

2 PVS host servers

ESXI 6.5

VM Tools v. 10346


We performed the reverse image using P2PVS.  Everything seemed to go fine in our lower environment.   All target servers booted with the updated VM tools just fine.  When we deployed one of the Prod images to Production targets, the 2 Prod target servers came up fine.  I then placed part of the farm in maint. mode so that users would trickle off and I could reboot them in the morning.  Two of the 4 servers in maint. mode rebooted fine, however, the other 2 boot loop.  They find the vDisk, Windows Logo comes up with the circle of dots, then it will say "Getting Ready", then after a few minutes of it spinning (maybe 3 or 4) it loops and starts the process all over again.  We have noticed that the VM is consuming 100% of assigned RAM when they are trying to boot.

The Goldmaster servers boot fine from the new image, as do several of the target servers.  It just seem to be certain VMs that wont take the new image.

All of the target VMs are configured the same and Computer accounts are in the same OU.  


I have booted the image up in Private mode on the Goldmaster server and let it reboot several times (with the idea that maybe it is trying to finish installing updates) then redeployed it to the troubled VMs.  Still the same issue resides.

Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advanced!


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I know you said that all your VMs are configured the same, but really you must ensure you have the same network adaptor type on all machines (that should be VmxNet3). 


Also you could try creating a template from one VM that is booting your image properly and redeploy problematic servers from that template. 


If the above fails, you can try to update your VmWare tools following this process, which is working well for us: 

Below process must be performed on a .vhdx NOT valid on differential disks. 

1/ With the BUILD server booted and the image in private mode, add an E1000 Network Adapter to the VM and let windows install it. 
    Ensure you select the same Port Group than the existing Network Adaptor used for Streaming. 


2/ Shutdown the VM. Edit the VM and take note of the E1000 MAC address. Remove the Vmxnet3 fully (disconnect is not enough). 


3/ From the PVS console change the BUILD server MAC address to the E1000 network adapter.


4/ Boot the Build server up. It will use the ISO as usual but the E1000 network adapter. 
    Please note that booting from the E1000 network adapter is extremelly slow. In UAT I had to reboot some servers several times.


5/ Update the Vmware tools Select the Complete setup type.


6/ When prompted to reboot, say No and add a VMXNET3 adaptor whilst the VM is running. Let is install. and then Shutdown.


7/ Remove the E1000 network adapter. Take note of the VMxNET3 MAC address.


8/ Set the MAC of the BUILD server to the MAC of the VMxNET3 adapter and boot the server up.



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