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storages error - pbd-plug hangs with no effet

Grégoire Etot


Good morning to all


i changed 2 processors and a RAM on my xenserver server, wich was perfectly working, and the VM's can't start anymore.


When the server starts, everything seems ok, no error, the iLo screen tells each component is OK.

But in xencenter, the storages are off and can't be repaired : the repair fonction don't do anything, progression bar seems idle even if y keep it working during hours.


I'm not experienced in server management but i have been helped by this topic : https://www.schirmacher.de/display/INFO/How+to+reattach+a+disk+to+XenServer


Here are the results :


-          « pvdisplay » diplays all the storages as if everything was ok : « local storage », « stockage 1 » and « stockage 2 » as expected

-          « xe pbd-create” returns “A PBD already exists connecting the SR to the host”  which seems OK

-          “xe pbd-list » show the storages but tells they are not attached :  currently-attached ( RO): false

-          the next step should be « xe pbd-plug » . But this command don't display anything and don't give me the prompt back. It's like it was working endless. I tried to keep it runing during hours with no effects.

-          Same for « xe pbd-unplug »

-          Same for the « repair » function in xencenter


I don't know it the replacement of processor and ram could have deleted some BIOS settings.


Thanks in advance for your help



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