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Content Switcher on Unified Gateway to LB Service -> no auth required?

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i implement an unified Gateway for an Customer.

The CVPN portal is working fine. 

Now i use the content switching function in the Unified Gateway vserver to request an LB Service.

I bound an 401 Auth to this LB Service. When i call the VServer IP from the LB service in my internal network i got the basic auth, but when i use the unified Gateway Url with my Expression the auth is skipped.

Anyone a idea?

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On 7/11/2019 at 7:08 PM, Ricardo Holdorf1709160685 said:

for sure, i know this, but when i type https://myurl.com/expression then i got my VServer behind the Content Switcher without Auth!

Are you logging off and closing the browser when testing? If you have a browser open that still has a session and cookies are still there. You will see what you are describing. 

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I use the the content switching function in the unified gateway.

So the VServer (Load Balancer) has an IP. When i browser internal this IP then i have to authenticate.

When I browse this service over the content switcher then no auth is required.


I tried 401 / aaa server and unified gateway as authentication type in the load balancing service.


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Sorry, i had to came back to this issue.

I don't know whats the problem here. Maybe the ADC in Version 13?


I use an unified gateway vserver with IP. On this i have an CS rule with an LB Server in the background. On this Server is the authentication activated. But when i browser https://url/expression there is no login required.... i don't know what it can be... Any other suggestions here?

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