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Migrating Exchange from on-prem to Cloud - config best practice

Kris Kirkbride




Due to move our Exchange instance from on-prem to Cloud.


We have an Exchange config that points to on-prem and is deployed during enrolment.


Whats the best way to move users to cloud configuration with the minimum of disruption please?


Assume could create a new config and push to a group - but best way to streamline this with removing old config?

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I would create an AD group that holds the On Prem Exchange users and another AD group that holds the Cloud Exchange users.


I would then create two Distribution groups, one for On Prem and one for Cloud. I would then make the AD group member of the corresponding group.


The On Prem Distribution Group would then contain the App and the On Prem MDX configuration.


The Cloud Distribution Group would then contain the App and the Cloud MDX configuration.


Please don't use nested groups in AD, as Xenmobile only looks at this once a day (midnight).


Does it make sense?

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