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Static Proximity - GSLB NetScaler 12.1.x

Stan Svetec

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I have just uploaded a Location DB to my NetScalers and I can see that the GSLB services have the correct location identified.  I also have 'Static Proximity' configured as the method.


Consider clients ClientA and ClientB with GSLB Services in SiteA and SiteB.


When ClientA pings, SiteA IP is returned, but if I ping enough times, SiteB will respond.  Same is true for ClientB.


On my old MPX 5500's (11.0.x) where GSLB is also configured, ClientA will always get a SiteA response, no matter how hard I try.  The only time SiteB will respond, is if SiteA is offline.


I'm not 100% what I've missed somewhere.



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Are the clients using internal DNS or public DNS (ex: Google or OpenDNS)?


Check out the following Citrix Support article:


https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX218985 - GSLB static proximity handing out sites not close to the requesting client


This URL is referenced in the article above, which also states that this is available from 11.1 and newer versions:



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I think I just ended up sorting out my own issue.


nsmap -d -t suggested the IP of the DNS servers didn't have a location attributed to it.  So I added the IP's and the location to the DB.  Now I get the correct response when I ping.


In order to create the IP Ranges for the location DB, I simply did a dump of all of our DHCP scopes and identified the Start and Finish IPs of the scopes.  However, the DNS server IPs sit just outside of the range of the scope and therefore, was not included.



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