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AppLayer 4 - Elastic layers - best HA solution on VMWare infrastructure?

Vincenzo Mattia



I'm currently installing and configuring AppLayer 4 on my Citrix infrastructure and I'm not sure about what type of HA solution it's better to host the Elastic layers .

All is virtualized on premise with VMware 6. What's the most used solution to give high availability to the SMB share? 2 nodes with DFS? Windows Failover Cluster with shared scsi? What are you using in your infrastructure ?

I'm listening for any advice! 


Many thanks in advance!



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SOFS is the safest method. I tried DFS, and the problem is the replication of large files, and the inability for the DFS shares to stay constantly in sync; there is always a delay between the DFS points syncing up. This caused massive problems with user layer discs, because they weren't immediately in sync between target 1 and target 2. Using iSCSI pass-through as RDM disks and setting up a failover cluster will work too, but pay attention to VMware's guidelines about where the hosts have to be placed when doing shared disks. The wrong configuration (or DRS movement) will take down your whole VM cluster.


Affinity assignments are a must if you do iSCSI pass-through, but it can be done. If you accidently DRS two iSCSI pass-through servers to the same node, it takes down the VMs and I've seen it PSOD a node before. It works, and it's reliable, and support via VMware, but there is a long doc that VMware has regarding setting up fail-over clusters with iSCSI storage. Lots of caveats. For example, it says you can use the LSI SAS Controller or PVScsi controller for RDM, but PVScsi kept causing random crashes. I had to switch to the LSI SAS to keep the disks from dropping out of the VM.

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