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Appmove45 - return cp to source datastore

Paul Gagnon1709154707


I am using the appmove45 script to move to a new datastore.   I forgot to check the box that skips a lot of prechecks, (i had everything powered off and no snapshots) so the script runs extremely slowly.  I had to quit the script as my migration window was ending.   The script has vmotioned the CP and was only up to creating subfolders for apps on the target datastore.   Running the retry failed move should work but I'll have to do it over the weekend to have a long enough window as it goes as slow as the script.   Can I bring that CP back to the old datastore?    Is it as simple as copying back the vmx, reattaching the previous 4 vmdk's and maybe remove and re-add the cp back to vsphere inventory?  All of the attached vm's are running fine at the moment from the old cp folders which are still on the old datastore.  The goal is to start the move again but skip the prechecks so it goes faster.

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I think you could just storage vmotion the appliance as that has no effect on the desktops which are only pointing to the layers which were never moved.  The problem is that since the folders are still there for the layers when you vmotion back the appliance will be in a different folder (one with a (1)) So you woudl likely still have issues managing those systems if you need to this week.  So you are probably better off waiting and not making any changes until after you rerun the utility this weekend.



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