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Unable to launch desktop from Netscaler Gateway if the vm is in different VLAN that Controllers, NSIP and Storefronts.

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Hi team!

I have a very stranger case. This is my platform:


XD 7.15 LTSR CU4

Netscaler Gateway 12.1

2 machine Catalogs:

- 1 machine Catalog with name "IT" has vms in the same network than Controllers, NSIP and Storefront -> VLAN 1

- 1 machine Catalog with name "Direccion GTO"  has vms in other network with different VLAN- > VLAN 41

- Both Catalogs are created from the same gold template.


From inside, all works fine.


From outside, I can launch a desktop from catalog "IT" but not from "Direccion GTO". When I try to launch it, this message appear:




Sorry for the spanish message, but it's very similiar to this CTX message:








I have check the ports 1494/2598 TCP/UDP and I have configure in the firewall ALL:ALL between VLAN 1 - VLAN 41


What can it be wrong?


Thanks in advanced.




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1 hour ago, Juan Luis Delgado Fernández said:

Thanks for your reply Arnaud but the STA is ok, there isn't private IP:


Direccion GTO $S7-12]


I have compared with IT .ica file and it's ok:


[IT $S8-17]


Both .ica files are similar





Is the Windows Firewall (Defender) enabled?

If so could you try to "temporary" to disable it and test?




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