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Trouble launching Xendesktop published apps

Brendan Gilbert1709161122


Good day, I am having peculiar error in that am unable to successfully open published apps. The server was on version 7.18 but I have now upgraded to CVAD 7 1906, upgraded Catalogs, VDA 1906.1, workspace 1905 but no luck. We have perpetual licensing and director, delivery groups and storefront all seem to be working.


I dont get any errors in event viewer other than my customer success licensing has lapsed in the licensing manager console. The upgrade had no errors and all seemed to install/upgrade successfully.

Any advice on what I look for in terms of logs or other checks and balances i need to do will be welcomed as i am stumped.


As last resort I am performing windows 2016 server upgrades, last upgrades were done in June 2019.  



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Is Windows Firewall enabled on the VDA you are launching Notepad from (if so, is it configured to allow 1494/2598)?


I saw this post from a few years ago (https://discussions.citrix.com/topic/376170-cant-log-in-stuck-at-negotiating-capabilities/) and the post marked as the correct answer suggested:



Carl Stalhood

Posted March 10, 2016

There's an RDP GPO setting for "Prompt for Password". Is that enabled? If so, disable it.


Although, in that discussion the OP noted the presence of errors in both the Windows Application and System logs; not to say that your issue couldn't be the same, just pointing out a difference in symptoms.


I know you mentioned that you didn't see anything in Event Viewer, but since you didn't mention any specific logs you checked in there, is there anything in the Citrix Delivery Services log (under Applications and Services in Event Viewer)?

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You could try out these articles






Also, try moving the server to a clean OU with inheritance blocked, add 1 by 1 each policy to figure out which one is causing the issue.

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