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Citrix client on MacOS

Marcelo Lew

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We are having issues with MacOS (from 10.12 to 10.14) on Safari or Firefox when trying to download the Citrix Gateway client from our Netscaler.  After the countdown, instead of the download link, users see the error attached.  This does not happen on Chrome.  And it does not happen if the client has been installed previously.  Netscaler is running 12.1

Any ideas or suggestions?  Thanks!

citrix client error-macos.jpg

citrix client countdown-macos.jpg

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It's working via Chrome on the same machine?


Even though you said the issue doesn't occur with Chrome (which I would think that this would apply to as well), if you go to System Preferences-->Security & Privacy, do you see any extensions by Citrix being blocked?


Are there any extensions or third-party plugins in Safari or Firefox that are being blocked?


I can test later on when I get home, although I'd have to make sure I'm running one of the versions you are having issues with on my MacBook Air.  I'm always used to installing the client prior to connecting or connecting directly from the client instead of the web interface.

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I was able to test this from my MacBook Air (running 10.14.2)


I had no issues from Safari or Firefox initiating a connection to the VPN (with or without the Gateway Client already installed).


Can launch the Console application (Applications--Console) and watch the logs?  You can enter 'CitrixSSLVpn' in the search box at the top to limit the entries to items related to the Gateway client.


You can also check out the following files located in the '/var/log' directory for information:





Let me know if you come up with anything.

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