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Linux VDA Installation: Why not provide a ready-to-go Linux image?

Andrew Brehm


I am reading through the instructions for installing the Linux VDA. The "easy install" is already more complex than most complete operating systems install procedures:



Could Citrix not provide either a read-to-go RPM and/or DEB package or provide a ready-to-go Linux image that will simply work with Virtual Apps? The current idea seems needlessly complicated.

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16 hours ago, Jim Grimm1709160134 said:

Since I don't work for Citrix, I can only make an assumption here and that would be that is comes down to required dependencies across the various supported distros.


Or as Wikipedia spells it out so nicely, Dependency_hell


Well, yes. That's why a Citrix-supplied ready-to-go Linux image would be ideal.


But then there do exist very standardized Linux distributions that Citrix could specifically support, like Red Hat and/or Ubuntu.


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