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Exchange Load Balancing - Monitoring?

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Good Afternoon, 


We are in the process of moving to O365 from an on prem exchange environment and are currently working in hybrid. In preparation I have setup a CS Vserver and intend to do content switching with policies setup for the various exchange services on port 443. We are going to be starting with /autodiscover and /ews, more maybe added at a later time. I have the CS policies in place, I have a responder policy setup that is dropping requests to anything other than /autodiscover and /ews. 


I am curious about monitoring/keepalives. I am not an exchange guy and do not have any access into our exchange environment. I am a Cisco network guy at heart who also does load balancing. For each LB vServer I setup (/owa, /autod, /ews, etc) I would like to target a specific file in each respective directory to cleanly monitor the services. I have some configuration already done and it looks like there is a healthcheck.htm file in some directories but I would like to ask the community that may have done this before if there is a healthcheck.htm file in all of the directories? 


I talked to my exchange admin and he was not 100% sure. I am getting http 200's on the file in the owa directory (/owa/healthcheck.htm) but I get a 401 back if I target the same file in /ews... I assume this is by design, maybe an authentication needs to happen? Should I just configure a 401 as an acceptable response for that monitor? 


Any advice would be appreciated. 

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41 minutes ago, Carl Stalhood1709151912 said:

Here's a sample NetScaler guide for Exchange load balancing, including monitors - https://citrixguyblog.com/2017/07/22/citrix-netscaler-loadbalancing-exchange-20132016-walkthrough-guide/


This is perfect Carl, thank you. I am not sure how I did not come across this in my feverish googling.... looks like I may need to brush up on my google skills :P 

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