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VM Migration from 6.5 to 7.0 : the host does not have some of the cpu features that the vm is currently using

Marco Barbera




I have installed a new XenServer and I need to migrate some VM from the old one with XenServer 6.5 to the new one with XenServer 7.0.


When I try to migrate from Server 1 (6.5) to Server 2 (7.0) I cannot perform this operation because the Migate Wizard alert that "the current host does not have some of the cpu features that the vm is currently using" and I I try to migrate from Server 2 to server 1 the migration wizard aler with a message "This operation is not supported during an upgrade)...


What wrong? what can I do to migrate from one host to another.


The server 1 has a XEON E1541 with 64Gbyte RAM and server 2 has a XEON E-2136 with 64Gbyte RAM.


Somebody could help me please?





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During an upgrade this can happen since the servers are not close enough. What I would probably do is 

shut down the VM and force it to start on the new 7.0 server. As far as 7.0 migrating back to 6.5 going 

backwards is a no-go. Forward is the only way you can migrate.




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Correct. However, you can force this from the CLI using "xe vm-migrate .... --force"

I have had to do that even when applying hotfixes on the same pool as some will cause a change in the CPU mask.

It's really annoying that the updating wizard doesn't include a force option under those circumstances!


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