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Citrix Netscaler VPX 11 single logout URL for SAML setup not working

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I have just gone live with an IAM platform Okta and integrated Citrix which uses SAML SSO. Everything works as expected except, when a user logs into the Okta portal, clicks Citrix which SAML SSO's to storefront 3.6, this opens the connection in a new tab and then when the user either closes the tab or logs out of storefront they cannot access Citrix through Okta again unless they completely shut their browser down and re-sign into Okta. The logout URL that is part of the SAML policy is not logging the session off properly. I logged a ticket with Okta and they said it was a Citrix Netscaler issue. Has anyone seen this issue before? All I need is a logout URL that actually logs out... The logout URL I set on the netscaler is off Okta's Citrix/SAML setup guide. Its not a massive problem but now its live I am getting a number of requests from people saying they cannot log back in, they have to fully close their browser down and open it to get back in and its annoying.


This is the logout URL https://mycompanyname.okta.com 


Thank you.

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Take a look at this discussion:  https://support.okta.com/help/s/question/0D50Z00008G7V7WSAV/saml-through-netscaler-to-citrix-storefront-anyone


Lots of good information (and follow-up from the OP on that thread), but the discussion seems to lead to Federated Authentication Services being required.



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Thanks for the link Jim. FAS is setup and working. Everything is working. I tested this quite extensively on a test Citrix environment before going live. Its this darn logout URL which, I might add, logs the user out but then the only way to log back in is to completely close the browser down, open it, and log back into okta/citrix.

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48 minutes ago, Jim Grimm1709160134 said:

The following blog has a walkthrough example that includes the following for the logout URL: https://blogs.serioustek.net/post/2016/11/10/netscaler-saml-okta



ive tried the different logout URL and same error, same issue occuring.

https://mycomanyname.okt.com/cgi/signout and same issue.


In the comments under this post it mentions the signout URL is this format


I am trying to workout how to get that into the netscaler fqdn is the netscaler?

authvserver is this my netscaler gateway?


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20 hours ago, Sam Jacobs said:

I believe this might be what you're looking for:

Please close your browser to protect your account


Sam, you are on the money with this reply however it doesn't work on Storefront 3.6, it only works on 3.8 and newer, Thanks for you help.


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