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I have an App Layering appliance in VMware, publishing layers for production in VMware. I am now looking to create a Platform Layer for Azure that will be used to provision VDA's for DR. I've successfully created the required Connector to Azure, but when I have a Platform Layer provisioned into Azure I cannot RDP. What I would like to know is if there is any documentation around how to best setup a Resource Group, Storage, Networking etc. for successful deployments into Azure? Maybe my Googling skills are off but I cannot find anything overly helpful on this front.





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There seems to be some good information in the official Citrix documentation for App Layering, specifically:







A Virtual Network in Azure (or Azure Government)

Your deployment in Azure (or Azure Government) can operate in a point-to-site or site-to-site Virtual Network. The appliance and its network file share must have network connectivity. However, the appliance does not require network connectivity to the layered images you publish. A site-to-site connection between your corporate and Azure (or Azure Government) networks is recommended for accessing the management console on the appliance. For more information, refer to the Microsoft Azure Virtual Network page. Note: If you have not already set up a connection to an Azure Virtual Network, see Get started with Azure for more information.


A Network File Share (Azure or Azure Government specifics)

A file share server in Azure (or Azure Government) performs significantly better than an on-premise file share. Even though the Azure (or Azure Government) File Share feature is not supported, you can use an existing network file share or create a new file share in the Azure (or Azure Government) environment. Important: Using Premium Storage is strongly recommended.





Create a Platform layer

There is nothing special about creating a Platform layer in Azure. In fact, it’s fairly simple. Spin up the packaging machine, join the domain and install the VDA software. Reference the Optimizing Windows 10 and Citrix app Layering blog as some optimization steps should be performed in the Platform layer but it’s pretty straightforward. See the video in the next section for how to create the packaging machine when prompted to do so. But that is also easy.






Microsoft Azure

Citrix App Layering does not support Azure File storage. Create a network file share or an SMB file share in Azure to use with Citrix App Layering. (UNI-42272)

Managed disks are not supported. When creating a virtual machine in Azure, be sure to select No managed disks.


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Matt the regular Xen Desktop side of this is not really covered in App Layering documentation you will want to go to Xen Desktop Doc for that.


I did create a blog with Videos on working with Azure.  Its not quite what you are doing because its with an ELM in Azure but it does cover how to define permissions on the service principal use for App Layering in Azure.




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