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Physical windows 10 on VDA 7.15 CU3 - Randomly stuck on Blue display when user remotes in


Users remotes in from their home to their office PC via citrix. Their office PCs are on windows 10 ver. 1809. Randomly, when they remote in, the desktop viewer loads but stuck on a blue display and cannot do anything. Waited for hours but still stuck. When tried to log in locally to the machine using the same credentials, it is also stuck. We can RDP locally using a different account.


The only thing we can resolve this kicked the users account or restart the machine which can't always do specially when there are user files that are still open and cannot afford to lose.

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@astignesSG  We cannot repro this issue with physical windows 10 on VDA 7.15 CU3.



DDC: 2012r2 + 7.15 CU3.

VDA: Win10x64 1809 (Remote PC) + 7.15 CU3.

Client1: Win10x64 1803 + Receiver 4.9.5000.6.

Client2: Win7x64 + Workspace


We tried many times with Receiver for website and Receiver(Workspace) without issue. please provide more details.

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@Muralidharan Shanmugam that's also one of our problem. We cannot replicate this issue as this happens randomly and the users that reported this issue are all using windows 10 ver 1809 and 7.15 CU3. We cannot pinpoint the root cause of this as there is no event viewer logs from the VDA that we can find.


Thinking that it might be related to the users receiver or workspace app so I've tried to search for each workspace app and receiver releases if there are known or fixed issues but cannot find any.


I've attached an image to give better picture of what we encounter.


blue display.PNG


When the user runs into this blue display, the computer is already stuck on that state even when they log in locally. Their profiles wont load anymore. They can get response to CTRL ALT DEL but when they choose to open task manager, it wont load and get back to this blue display.


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