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Replacing Old Pool and Server with new Pool and New Servers. Not seeing HAB attached storage


After attaching the storage to the new server/pool it does not see anything when scanning the LUNs.  It's as sif the HBA cards aren't really working at all.  These are ne Dell R740 servers and all hardware in on the HCL.  What am I missing?  


Multipath -l yields nothing.


I'm in the middle of my maint window - any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Thanks Alan for getting back to me.  I am rolling back yet again after a second attempt.  The step I am missing or that was not happening was the new LUN/HostGroup Mappings.  I tried doing that on my own, but I never happened and I could not get it working.  I struggled on that with Citrix for a while, but they could not point me in the right direction for getting the new host port IDs out of XenServer.


I am just about done and going to call myself a big fat failure on this front. 

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