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On-Prem Site with AWS VDAs not working externally



We have an on-prem Citrix site (7.15 LTSR CU3) which has a bunch of catalogs hosted by on-prem VMware.   That same Citrix site also has a connection to AWS, and I've created a catalog of machines in there using MCS.   That side all works perfectly - no problem at all.   Machines can be created and deleted from AWS easily, they update, register, etc etc no problem at all.


From inside the office, I can connect to any delivery group, whether the machine behind it is located on-prem or AWS.   The bit that doesn't work is that when I'm outside, I can only connect to VDAs that are internally hosted.   The machines in AWS seem to be inaccessible.   All the apps and desktops are enumerated fine, but clicking the icon just gives a fairly generic error after a few seconds of attempting to connect.   Access is via a Netscaler that is internal, not in AWS.


Logic tells me that it's some kind of routing issue, seeing as the only real difference between connecting from inside and outside is that inside the connection is direct between VDA and client, whereas externally, it all goes via the Netscaler.   But I'm not sure where to start with it.   I have raised a ticket with Citrix but thought I'd ask here as well, since there is often someone who's seen something similar before...

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Mystery solved - routing issue between the AWS subnets and the DMZ where the Netscaler sits.    Traffic was taking an asymmetric route which was upsetting things.


Networks have made a change and now all is good again.

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