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Application launching new session using vprefer method (Shortcuts using WEM)


Hello Everyone,

I have an application which i want to control the sessions within published desktop due to license boundation, Using WEM i put the shortcut on user's application menu.

Have followed the article https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX232210 and carl's webpage for same, But yet application always launching as a published application within same VDA delivery group session.

Below are the components details 

DDC: 1811

VDA: 7.15 CU4

Storefront: 1811.1.0

WEM: 1906

Workspace: 1905


Any help would be appreciated



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Hi James,

Does that mean Vprefer exactly need 7.17 VDA & wont work on 7.15 LTSR CU4 or any other CR like 1811 or 1906 ?

Also, Just like in citrix app we can use application limit, is that possible in fslogix while utilizing citrix published desktop where application is installed locally.

In my scenario, I'm not able to achieve published desktop with application installed locally while also providing application limit




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