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PVS vDisk Update Management Using SCCM : timeout


I am trying to set up the "PVS vDisk Update Management Using SCCM"

With the help of this link: https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX205394

It works well except the timeout:

This registry controls how long PVS server will wait before shutting down the PVS client regardless of whether they are successful or not.
HKLM \ Software \ Citrix \ ProvisioningServices \ ImageUpdate
UpdateTimeout REG_DWORD time in minutes, minimum is 10, default is 60.

That I reseigne 90, 120 .. in the value of the key
it does not work .. there is a time out at 60 minutes and the process stops with the following message:

"The update failed to complete before the triggered timeout"

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i'have create a support citrix ticket, they say :


add two key in the regsitre :


o   Target Device: Increase the timeout for the vDsik update:


DWORD DetectUpdatesTimeout: 240

o   PVS Server: increase the timeout for the release disk lock:


DiskLockTimeout -  REG_DWORD (time in seconds): 240


but it's does''t work ...

i expect a return .

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the citrix support did not help me ... I wonder who to go through to have serious answers to our technical problems.
in short, I found the whole solution.

this is the Timeout:



in log, it's now OK :





By cons I encounter another problem, I want to run a script at the end of the update:



In the documentation (provisioning-services-7.15.pdf or https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX140210) it is stated that:


Note: If using the optional scripts, place the scripts in a new folder called Scripts created under C: \ program files \ citrix \ provisioning services \ scripts (or Program Files (x86) for 64-bit machines).

So in my case (64 bit): "C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Citrix \ provisioning services \ scripts \ Postupdate.bat"

following the doc it says on the VDA or on the server ... in short I tested everywhere ... even pb: Postupdate.bat does not exist...




it is so badly explained in the documentation or KB ... and on the net it looks like nobody uses this function of automatic update ?


if you have an idea, thank you for your help.

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I found the solution ...
with the help of this post:

But not with the help of documentation and KB Citrix!
really anything!




- the script must have the name of the "job" (postupdate.bat, preupdate.bat ...) exactly this name!
- it must be put here: (on the VDA client, not on the PVS Server)
C: \ Program Files \ Citrix \ Provisioning Services
(not elsewhere it does not work!)

and filled in like this: (with "")



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