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TLS Connection type to content switch

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I am attempting to find out what connections to a content switch are using what versions of TLS. I need to turn off TLS 1.0 & 1.1. When we turned off 1.0 & 1.1 our site just broke, as everthing was using 1.0.

I believe I have fixed the issue but cannot see at a content switch level the TLS version. I can only see it globally on the netscaler.

I have configured a report on the netscaler (under reporting)

system entities statistics, content switching, nothing to do with SSL is available.

If I set this at a global level I can see

counters, SSL, TLS client authentications, but this only shows me on the whole netscaler. There will be some sites that are using TLS 1.0 on there.


I found this quite old post, but not too sure if there is an update in newer netscaler code



My netscaler is a VPX running on an SDX Platform. Both SDX & VPX are running the same netscaler level 12.0 60.10 nc. We are upgrading to 12.1 in the next week or 2.

If there is no eother way I may have to follow the syslog avenue in the link above. Then trace from syslog.




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