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UPM Component installation when using FSLogix Profile containers

Dieter Verschueren




Is the installation of the following VDA components still necessary when using FSLogix profiles?

  • Citrix User Profile Manager
  • Citrix User Profile Manager WMI Plugin


It does say in the description that it affects monitoring and troubleshooting... But probably only for the UPM logging and stuff?









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I would say that they are required in order to track that information via Director, even if you don't use UPM as your profile management solution; maybe someone else out there has some additional insight.


The screenshots below are from a sample XenDesktop environment using FSLogix as the profile management solution, the UPM components are installed but not configured.  I don't have a machine or image I can test from (readily anyways) that doesn't have the UPM components installed, but I can tell you that Director does include profile load times (and detailed drill-down information on profiles) without configuring UPM:






Things I noticed aren't available from Director with this setup: 


1. You cannot reset a user's profile from Director unless you are utilizing Profile Management (UPM).

2. You cannot see the profile path.

3. You cannot see the profile details on the in the Personalization section of the details of a user session:


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If you are using FSLogix for profiles rather than UPM, how have you resolved the user profile reset issues? I assume that the applications can crap up the user profile whether you're using UPM or FSLogix?


Doesn't this also mean, that if you're no longer redirecting folders with FSLogix, it's possible that users can lose their files that are stored in My Documents / Desktop / Downloads?

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46 minutes ago, Frank Schifferstein said:

well, you'll need UPM AND FSLogix. FSLogix is not a profile solution in general though it enhanced certain parts.


Does not compute.

UPM is indeed needed for extra logging in Director so keep that installed but you can disable the UPM part through GPO, let FSLogix handle the profile and additionally redirect some userfolders like documents etc.

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