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Report on processes running in all Virtual Desktop/XenDesktop Sessions (Not Virtual Apps/XenApp)

Richard Derobeck


I'm trying to create a report on running applications within desktop sessions. I can view this per session/machine in Director:




But all the application reports are for Virtual Apps rather than within the desktop. Browsing through the OData information I can only see the higher level info for the machines (sessions, overall CPU usage, etc) & data for hosted applications.  Does anyone know if this is possible, or how I might achive this? 

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Have you tried enabling Process Monitoring in a policy and assigning to the Delivery Group(s) desired?  By default, Process Monitoring (and Resource Monitoring) are prohibited and need to be enabled.




This Citrix Blog post from a few years back has some supplemental information on the subject.



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Yes, I've been through that doc as well, and an older doc that still provides a useful overview on what data is available.. I have this enabled for a smaller set of test machines, as Citrix state:


"It is recommended to enable process data on subset of machines on need basis."


Re-reading the document it also states that the data is only pushed to the database if that setting is enabled, which I didn't register first time around - I suppose it's a risk of reading up on things at 23:30!  I don't really want to enable it for all users based on Citrix's document, as I only need to do is see how many people are running a specific application at a given time. Even with that setting disabled Director still shows running processes within a user's session (screenshot in first post is with that disabled) - it just doesn't capture historical data.


Having said that, I still haven't been able to locate the match up to process names. I can see CPU, memory, etc loads but I can't find where the process names are stored.

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