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grey screen appears and disappears..tried all workarounds


I am using version LinuxVDA-1903.ubuntu16.04

Fresh ubuntu 16.04 install.
No issues registering with the controller.
Installed Xorg etc
VDA.log shows

The Citrix Desktop Service detected that a user session has ended. Session 'xxxx' for user 'username' has ended; reason code 'Logoff'.


This has been driving me crazy for the past 3 days. Tried all workarounds..Help needed


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My my experience, most of these types of desktop disappearing issues can be contributed to the users .cshrc or .bashrc other .dot files having something incorrectly set. Moving them temporarily to a backup folder to try to get a successfully VDI desktop, then copy them back one by one is a good way to debug.

Typical culprits of VDI not being able to get a session that i have seen are:








I've seen this in some users home directory in the .bashrc or .cshrc . Commenting out these two lines seemed to work for them.



# No autologout

#set autologout=0


# Autocomplete

#set autolist

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