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Dennis Haschke


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Without upgrading to Premium licensing, it is not possible to retain more than 31 days of historical data.


The following Citrix Blog post from 2016 announced the upgrade from keeping 7 days of historical data to 31 days for Enterprise license customers:




You could save the reports offline and aggregate the data manually (or via scripts), as a means of tracking longer than 31 days of data.

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Good morning Dennis, 


If you have it configured, you should be able to use Director to gather this information.  If you have Advanced (formerly Enterprise) licensing, you can go back 31 days historically; if you have Premium (formerly Platinum) licensing, you can go back 365 days.


Additionally, you can create custom reports to gather this kind of information for you.

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Did you install the Director role when you installed/configured your XenDesktop Site?


It's not uncommon (in smaller environments) to have the Director role installed on the same server as the Delivery Controller.




If you didn't install it, you can re-run the installer and add the Director role; once installed, you can access the Director UI by browsing to http://servername/Director and login using your credentials with administrator access to the Site.

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