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starting with scripting frequently tasks

Frank Kleinau


Hello everybody.
I have just inherited the task to maintain two Citrix farms where pvs is in use. I am also trying to learn powershell, to get some tasks automated.

My question here is, if there is a chance to switch the device type of several VMs from "Production" to "Test" and back via a powershell script. I did not find any hints by "googling".

Any help is highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance


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Good morning Frank,


While I don't have an environment that I can readily check and validate this information in, I have gathered some useful PowerShell resources that should get you going in the right direction.






While I didn't find anything specifically that touches on your question regarding changing the target devices from Production to Test and then back again, the first URL above discusses all available PVS PowerShell commands and the following (under Set-PvsDevice) is the only thing I can find that references what you are asking about:



uint Type: 1 when it performs test of Disks, 2 when it performs maintenance on Disks, 3 when it has a Personal vDisk, 4 when it has a Personal vDisk and performs tests, 0 otherwise. A Device with type 0 - 3 can only be Set to 0 - 3, and a Device with type 3 - 4 can only be Set to 3 - 4. Min=0, Max=4, Default=0


I hope this helps you!

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