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Print Service Errors 242, Printer driver may not be used in conjunction with non-inbox port

Aaron Fournier




Xendesktop 7.x

Agent Version 1811

Windows 10 OS (KB4494440) 


In the VDA environment users are producing printer driver errors stating that the 'print driver for "Print to PDF" and "Send to Microsoft OneNote 16 Driver" may not be used in conjunction with a non-inbox port monitor.'


I believe it is occurring every time a session is created but I am unable to reproduce this error with my test user.


I have attempted to use policies to change printer settings with no luck. I have also deleted the printers from the hosts but it does not seem to work either.


Is there any suggestions out there? 



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This Citrix Support article appears to reference your exact error message, but specifically mentions that the issue appears to affect thin clients only.  Is the client endpoint a thin or fat client?




What Citrix Policies do you have that are configured regarding printers and printer settings in the environment?  From your description, it sounds like you might have Auto-create client printers enabled; this would map (or attempt to map) all printers on the user's workstation in to the session at the start of every new session.


If you don't need these printers mapped into the sessions, you can use the Print Driver Mapping and Compatibility policy to prevent them from mapping into the session.



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Turns out there was an issue with the spelling for the printer mapping and compatibility policy.


It was working for OneNote but not PDF due to this.


I put the format in as "Microsoft Print to PDF * " like it was written for onenote. Turns out it didn't need the asterisk. 


The error is now gone. Thanks for your help :) 

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They are Thin clients yes. 


we currently have session printers, we have a larger organization and found that leaving them on the hosts or to be loaded in the user profiles took too long. 


I have looked at the article and it looks promising. I will attempt it later this week and will update the discussion with my results.


Thanks :) 

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I have attempted the first solution (linked article) and it seemed that it did not solve the issue.


I have now attempted the "Print Driver Mapping and Compatibility policy" and have denied PDF, OneNote and XPS. Will continue to monitor and update if this is the solution.



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Sounds good, we have the following policies in relation to printing:

Universal Print Driver usage, Universal printing optimization defaults, Universal printing quality limit, Session printers. 


Then the ones created in this thread, all the COM and LPT port policies and Printer driver mapping and compatibility (all set to deny) 


I am thinking it could be something related to local GPOs on the machines. At least that will be my next avenue of discovery.


Thanks :) 

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