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Windows 2019 Standard or Datacenter as a VDA?

Christopher Yue


Can anyone comment on the use of Server 2019 Datacenter as a VDA as opposed to Standard server?


Whilst I have Software Subscription with my MS licenses I never bothered looking at Datacenter due to possible application compatibility issues.


Has anyone come across this or saw any benefit in running Datacenter as a VDA?

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Thanks James,


Can you clarify what the user profile compatibility is between 2016 and 2019?


I am just in UAT mode with Server 2016 (moving up from Server 2012R2) and after reading the U turn announcement on Office Pro Plus support :2_grimacing:, I am inclined to skip this version and move straight to 2019.


This build has a large number of user applications so I am going to attempt and in place upgrade first.


If the profiles are not compatible (I am using FSLogix), at least I am only dealing with a handful of upset users if the profile needs recreating.




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39 minutes ago, Andrzej Golebiowski1709152117 said:

Windows Server 2016 and 2019 use profile V.6. Microsoft creates a new profile version only when necessary to maintain compatibility, which is why not every version of Windows includes a new profile version.

Thanks Andrzej,


This is really good to know.

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