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UPM Outlook 365 ost / Windows 10 1809 support


We are currently using Windows 10 1809 / Office 365 / MCS Pooled / App Layering (full User Layer)/ AppSense Environment Manager and having an issue with Outlook when using cached mode.  

1. multiple .ost's keep getting created w/ no errors showing to user ; just recreates randomly

2. Outlook will randomly lock up and eventually lock up the whole session


As an alternate idea we are considering to set setup Profile Management to utilize the roaming ost file option along w/ the Outlook search capabilities called out here ( https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/profile-management/current-release/configure/enable-native-outlook-search-experience.html ).   I see that 1809 is not currently supported but curious if anyone on the Citrix end can give any info how long until it will be supported?  hoping this can help get us past these nagging issues but can't try until its supported.


on the same note anyone thats using this setup has it been fairly successful or any big glitches to be aware of ?

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