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Display helpful user error if no SAML policy is found

Ross Bender

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We have SAML IdP policies set up for SSO to various applications, and some of the policies are only available for a subset of our users. In this scenario, when a user without access tries to access the application, they get the unhelpful error:

Malformed Assertion sent to Netscaler; Please contact your administrator

I would like to be able to customize a default page that users will see in this event, where they have tried a SAML login but none of the policies are invoked.


Is anyone aware of how this can be done on the AAA server?

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Hi Ross,


what I do for displaying another error message as the default AAA "Error: Not a privileged User" is to create a responder HTML Page. I think this could work for your scenario,too, because you are also using AAA.


Try the following (you have to do this in GUI, can't be done via CLI):


Go to AppExpert –> Responder –> HTML Page Imports

Create a new (example with Name "html_owa") with your preferred error message.


Create a responder Action and bind it to your LB vServer / CS / AAA with a filtering of your Group



#OWA Deny Responder
add responder action resp_act_owa_deny respondwithhtmlpage html_owa -responseStatusCode 200
add responder policy resp_pol_owa_deny "HTTP.REQ.USER.IS_MEMBER_OF(\"External-OWA\").NOT" resp_act_owa_deny
bind lb vserver lb_vsrv_ex2016_owa -policyName resp_pol_owa_deny -priority 100 -gotoPriorityExpression END -type REQUEST


Hope this helps




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