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Using Powershell to create policies based on AD Group Membership

Roger Pray


Currently we are manually building policies in Citrix 7.15 environment, these policies are for session printers for our new ThinOS WYSE Clients.  I am attempting to slightly automate this process as we have hundreds of printers and thousands of WYSE clients.


In the past when we had used Windows Embedded we were able to use AD Groups to assign memberships to the specific device, we built the GPO's and AD Groups using powershell.  I'd like to continue using those same AD Groups with our new WYSE clients.


I can create the Citrix Policy, but I'm having issues applying the filter - I am receiving an error that reads:

Attempted to access a path that is not on the disk.


My assumption is that this has something to do with the ActiveDirectory module, however the Delivery Controller that we are using doesn't have RSAT loaded and my server team is reluctant to do so.  I had attempted to use a PSSession, but when I did that I lost access to the Citrix Group policy powershell commands.


The code as it currently exists is below:

$Policy = Read-Host "Enter the name of the printer for the policy"
$PolicyType = "USER"
$PrtServer = "SERVERNAME"
$FName = $Policy + "Group"
$FType = "DesktopGroup"
$FValue = "<domainname>\"+$Policy+"-PTR"
import-module "<pathtofiles>\Citrix.GroupPolicy.Commands.psm1"

new-psdrive -name LocalFarmGpo -psprovider CitrixGroupPolicy -controller localhost \

New-CtxGroupPolicy -policyname $Policy -Type $PolicyType
Set-CtxGroupPolicyConfiguration -PolicyName $Policy -Type $PolicyType -ConfigurationName SessionPrinters -State "Enabled" -Value "\\$PrtServer\$Policy"
Add-CtxGroupPolicyFilter -policyname $Policy -Type $PolicyType -filtername $Fname -filtertype $FType -filtervalue $FValue

I've tried changing the PolicyType and the FilterType but so far no luck.

Any suggestions?

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I have seen similar type of issue in past, I have addressed by updating PowerShell module as below. Can you check it?




Line 844 (in Add-CtxGroupPolicyFilter) from

$item = New-Item "$($DriveName):\$Type\$PolicyName\Filters\$FilterType\$FilterName" $FilterValue -ErrorAction Stop


$item = New-Item -Path "$($DriveName):\$Type\$PolicyName\Filters\$FilterType\$FilterName" -Value $FilterValue -ErrorAction Stop

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