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Is Netscaler 12.1 safe against this Linux vulnerability?

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Dear Team,


We are running Netscaler 12.1 MPX appliances in our Citrix infrastructure. We have just been informed about a linux based vulnerability ( Linux Kernel TCP SACK Denial of Service Vulnerability)  by our security Team. Does it has any impact on Netscaler appliances?


Please check below articles for more information. any advise would be highly appreciated !!




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Good morning,


I don't believe the NetScaler is affected by this, since it is (a modified) BSD kernel and not Linux under the hood.  According to the following post, there does appear to be a similar vulnerability that affects BSD, but that appears to be limited to BSD 12: https://www.kb.cert.org/vuls/id/905115/


You can verify your kernel version by running the following command:


root@ns2# uname -a
FreeBSD ns2 8.4-NETSCALER-12.1 FreeBSD 8.4-NETSCALER-12.1 #0: Tue May 22 05:55

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