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Hoang Hung

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Hi guy 

I have a problem. When I access Citrix device, I see that " Dashboard  in  Folder : System Log not correct time . "

But all time device and view NTP, time traffic ok ?


" Global configuration settings:
                          HTTP port(s): (none)
                           ICA port(s): (none)
                     secureICA port(s): 443
                       Max connections: 0
           Max requests per connection: 0
                   Client IP insertion: DISABLED
                        Cookie version: 0
        Persistence Cookie Secure Flag: ENABLED
                          Min Path MTU: 576
                Path MTU entry timeout: 10
                        FTP Port Range: 0
                         CR Port Range: 0
           Maxclient exclusive percent: 80
         Maxclient grant quota percent: 10
           Spillover exclusive percent: 80
         Spillover grant quota percent: 10
                        Use Proxy Port: ENABLED
                              Timezone: GMT+07:00-ICT-Asia/Ho_Chi_Minh
                 Nsinternal User Login: ENABLED
                  Management HTTP Port: 80
                 Management HTTPS Port: 443
        Random source port selection for Active FTP: DISABLED
        Client TCP/IP header insertion in TCP payload: DISABLED "



Please help me

Thanks all


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Is the time wrong meaning out of sync with timezone and time offset or is the time converted to GMT/UTC as opposed to your configured timezone (time is wrong, but wrong timezone being displayed in output)?  And is the time in the dashboard out of sync with the clock you observe from shell on the selected NetScaler.


Which version of NS firmware are you running? (Might be a version specific issue.)

From shell, when you enter command "date" does it output valid time and timezone.

Also NTP sync may be ignored if the netscaler clock is too far off from the time source.

In your global syslog parameters, do you have it set to LOCAL or GMT output.  System > Auditing. Right-hand pane, view your syslog and nslog parameters.  The global parameters control the local syslog/nslog settings.  Any configured syslog/nslog policies would control output to external syslog destinations.


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thanks you. But All timer still correct only system log.

i am using shell : date  Mon Jul  1 16:20:43 ICT 2019:

I see that: timer slowly about 10 miniute. But  Dashboard  in  Folder : System Log not correct time . "( slow 7 hours).

Please help me



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1) If your system time is set to ICT which is UTC+7, then if your syslog setting is set to standardize to UTC, then this would explain the offset.

Is the time it is displaying correct for GMT or UTC when converted to your local time?

If so, then 1) check the global audit settings and see if syslog and nslog auditing are set to use LOCAL or GMT as their time. If GMT, change the local audit parameter to LOCAL and see if this fixes your problem.  

See this:  https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX121728

The audit parameters govern the local logging information. Audit policies govern external logging.


If you've changed the local syslog/nslog time to use LOCAL instead of GMT and still see the issue, then you may have to log a ticket.


2) If the clock is just wrong (not just timezone but wrong time completely), then note NetScaler will ignore time synchronization requests if the difference between the local clock and the NTP source is too great  (usually more than 5 minutes or so, will cause it to ignore ntp sync changes...I can't find the exact metric. But if you are off by 10 minutes, try adjusting clock manually and then confirm ntp services are running and take over at that point. https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/netscaler/12/system/basic-operations/configuring-clock-sychronization.html or https://www.jgspiers.com/netscaler-ntp-synchronization/  (Both contain notes on verifying the ntp service is running.)


Normally when adjusting clock:

1)save config first

2) set timezone first and apply (full reboot required); note on certain versions of 12.1 some methods of adjusting timezone don't always work.

3) Then go to shell and manually set clock:  date yyyymmddHHMM to be close to current time

4) Then configure or verify your NTP settings are working; at this point NTP and your timezone should be set correctly

If running vpx on a hypervisor, also strongly recommended the hypervisor's own clock is also properly set and configured with ntp.

Keep in mind, that syslog/nslog time will still be affected by the parameters I discuss in part 1 above.


IF it still doesn't work, note your firmware version, but you may have to check with support.



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